Car Rear View Monitor System Broad Vision

Camera technology in the automotive application more and more widely. Car Rear View Monitor System Continental Group for the first time to use the show car to demonstrate how the camera surveillance system to replace the car's exterior mirrors and rearview mirrors. The test car installed the Continental Group's three camera products, their 360-degree panoramic camera with the technical difference is the size of the aperture angle is different. In the absence of a rearview mirror, the driver observes both the rear and the outside of the vehicle by two monitors equipped with an organic light emitting diode (OLED) in the normal viewing direction. Car Rear View Monitor System In addition to giving the driver a wider view, the system also eliminates the glare, the use of driver support functions to provide traffic detection, reducing the impact of dust and dirt, so that the mirror will no longer be damaged, Car Rear View Monitor System Good and rainy days to give the driver a better vision. In addition to reducing the wind, the car fuel consumption is also reduced because of reduced wind resistance.

Outer mirrors are not as sensitive as conventional mirrors to the outside world, and are smaller in surface area, so the dust and dirt are less - in bad weather, Car Rear View Monitor System this can improve the rear view. Rear view camera cleaning function is currently being developed.

The exterior rear view camera is mounted on the base using a small corners of the triangular window. The third camera is not conspicuously integrated in the mirror seat of the roof GPS antenna. The image processing system uses images generated by three cameras, splicing into images displayed on each monitor. Car Rear View Monitor System In addition to the usual rearview mirror images, Car Rear View Monitor System the expanded vision of the driver also includes areas that it does not normally see - for example, the driver can use different picture modes to observe both sides and the back of the car. In combination with the right direction, this image splicing prevents the occurrence of gaps in the field of view, especially the conventional rearview mirror blind spots that are prone to accidents.

In the case of a holistic HMI (dynamically adjusted by the needs of the driver via networking, existing hardware and software), Car Rear View Monitor System the digital mirror increases the likelihood of providing assistance to the driver. For example, they can increase the "situational awareness" of events in the traffic environment. Car Rear View Monitor System A preliminary trial and a study conducted by mainland China itself showed that digital mirrors were superior to conventional mirrors. In particular, Car Rear View Monitor System human testers find that these images are easy to understand and that the whole system has an appeal.