How to purchase a good car monitors for your RV travel?

    RV travel has become very popular in recent years, and there are two common types: motor vehicle or trailer. Trailer RV: Generally, it is connected with a car, SUV or self-propelled RV with connectors and hooks (some models require a more powerful car to be towed away), and advances and stops synchronously with the tractor through synchronous braking. Self-propelled RV are generally converted from large passenger cars and trucks. Then, due to the special structure of the RV, there are many potential safety hazards when the vehicle is moving forward or reversing. The RV Safety Rear View Car Monitors System can effectively solve accidents caused by blind spots.

Construction of RV security rear view automotive monitors system: car monitors, car camera and car monitor connectors.


How to purchase a good car monitors for your RV travel?


1. The display must have a menu setting function. The priority setting of the reversing image is very important. Usually, the trigger priority of the rear view system can only display the reversing image of the previous car. If there is a display with this function, the reversing image priority can be set to the rear. A car, after reversing, automatically displays the rear of the car in front. In addition, the delay time of the reversing screen is set. After the reversing is completed, the monitor can still display the situation behind the car, so as to avoid the unexpected intrusion of passers-by and reduce the occurrence of accidents. Set the mirror/non-mirror function of the camera, so that the situation behind the car can be truly displayed on the monitor, so that the driver can accurately judge the direction of the activities of the people behind the car.


2. Wide range voltage DC8-32V. Generally, the vehicle voltage is 12V or 24V, but the voltage fluctuates greatly when the vehicle is started, so a wide range of voltage can prevent the product from being burned out.


3. Shock resistance and water resistance. We know that the vehicle is always bumping and running. The on-board display and camera must have shock resistance to work stably for a long time. Therefore, when choosing a product, try to use a chip from the American TECHEWELL that is shockproof and stable in performance.


4. The connection line, due to the special needs of the towed caravan, must use a trailer spring line with a connector. Waterproof, shed-proof and shock-resistant.


For your RV car monitors, Carleader offer you wireless monitor solution.

Name7inch 2.4G analog wireless system


CategoryWireless CCTV monitor system

7inch 7inch 2.4G analog wireless system
Input interface:1CH wireless ,1CH wired