Is the ceiling of the dash cam a car camera?

Is the ceiling of the dash cam a car camera? Front and rear double recording+remote management thousands of miles away, this 4G all-network communication vehicle-mounted video monitoring is beyond my imagination. The importance of the DASH CAM is beyond doubt. It can effectively prevent porcelain collision and provide direct and effective evidence in case of accidents. In addition, it can also record the people who are sneaking around our car at any time. So many people will install a tachograph to their car after buying a car. Now there are many market recorders, and the differentiated recorders also change with the needs of the market. A simple video can only prevent the impact of porcelain, which is far from enough for the management of enterprise vehicles.

What problem does the management of enterprise vehicles want to solve?

In recent years, with the further development of the economy, the number of business vehicles used by enterprises and units has gradually increased from a small number and low grade to a large number, good performance and high grade, and their vehicle costs have also gradually increased. With the increasing number of enterprises' vehicles and the rising oil price, the problems of enterprises' vehicle management have become more and more prominent. Every year, the expenses for the renewal, maintenance, insurance and fuel of enterprises' vehicles are quite large. It is often the vehicle quota approved by the budget for the unit that is difficult to meet the actual cost of the enterprise's vehicle use, forming a large gap.

Therefore, enterprises should not only solve the problem of driving safety of vehicle drivers, but also be able to monitor the use of vehicles and reduce the cost of using vehicles.

And our 4G All-Network Mobile Video Monitor can just solve these problems faced by enterprise vehicle management. It is a front and rear dual-recording device with a forward 1080P starlight full-color camera and an in-car infrared night vision camera. This mobile video monitor also has GPS&Beidou positioning function. So how does it help enterprises solve problems?

01. Real-time video forensics to solve driving safety problems

First of all, from the device side, it has the function of a tachograph. The forward starlight full-color camera can clearly record the picture of driving in front of the car in the daytime or at night, and real-time video can be taken as evidence of evidence in case of collision and accident. The camera in the car will record the driver's driving situation and regulate the driver's driving behavior.

02. Real-time video of the vehicle, clear running track

Unlike the tachograph, our equipment is equipped with a professional vehicle management platform. No matter where the vehicle is located, the administrator can open the management platform through mobile phone and computer, and can see the online time of the vehicle, the running track, and the real-time video image on the platform. The company's worries about private use of public vehicles, abnormal fuel use, concealment of tolls, and illegal driving can be clear at a glance. Let the vehicles achieve transparent management, more convenient for dispatching vehicles, and improve the use efficiency of vehicles.

03. Multiple models, one mobile phone/computer in charge of the overall situation

Such 4G All-Network Communication vehicle-mounted video monitoring is applicable to different models, and is simple to install. It is applied to a large number of enterprise vehicles, such as patrol vehicles, official vehicles, rescue vehicles, business vehicles and other road vehicles. Even if the vehicle is thousands of miles away, it can still be controlled by a mobile phone/computer.