The on-board camera is not only an accessory of the car, but also the "eye of the smart car"

The on-board camera is located in the automotive Internet and automatic driving market, and is the z-best investment field of vision sensors. The car camera is not only the accessory of the car, but also the eye of the intelligent car. On the one hand, ADAS, the "bridge" of automatic driving, has ushered in a period of rapid growth, which means that the era of automatic driving has come quietly; On the other hand, the on-board camera will become an important entrance to the information processing of the Internet of vehicles.

The research shows that the traditional rear-view mirror still can not fully convey the rear of the vehicle to the driver's vision. The quality of vision directly affects the safety of driving. There is a blind area here, especially large trucks or high chassis SUVs and SUVs. They can not always see passing cars, resulting in accidents.
In recent years, with the continuous development of automatic driving technology, the application of radar and camera technology has become more and more mature. More and more people suggest replacing the rearview mirror with a camera. Through real-time multi angle shooting around the vehicle body, you can grasp the surrounding situation more accurately and see more safely than the cooperation of the internal and external rear-view mirrors.

As long as the real-time road conditions collected by the camera are transmitted back to the central control display screen, these high-definition panoramic images can perfectly solve the problem of visual blind areas and greatly improve the safety. Especially at night, the high-definition images in the car are always clearer than the rear-view mirrors.

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